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Indie Florentino

Indie Florentino is a Mexican American Chicano artist hailing from Las Vegas, NV.  He spent most of his teens years as a struggling musician, performing anywhere from the streets of the Las Vegas strip for tips to restaurants/casino's. Over the years he has grown to become a local favorite artist because of his incredible guitar playing and his powerful vocal range. He captures the audience’s hearts instantly with his tasty renditions and powerful lyrics. Indie’s Mexican roots are an important part of his lifestyle. His father come from a small village near Oaxaca, his mother was raised in the heart of Mexico City, but Indie's passion for music growing up has always been a variety of classic rock, R&B and Funk. He's the Richie Valens of our generation. His talents led him to work with Latin Grammy Award winner multi platinum music producer songwriter, Ricky Luna. Ricky and Indie have cut original music fusing classic upbeat sounds from disco to R&B with current innovated production. His distinct Splanglish lyrics gives his music a special blend of both worlds. His song "Vino" is set to impact the world.

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